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Common Pests
There are many common pests in the UK, particularly in largely rural areas such as Devon and Cornwall. To give you a better idea of the variety and dangers of pests we have included some information on common pests, including insects, rodents and vermin. All Pests have the know-how and tools to deal with every type of pest and vermin, quickly and humanely. So if you are having problems with a pest you don't see on this list, please do get in touch.
Common Insects
Pest Control Plymouth Ants
Pest Control Plymouth Bed Bugs
Pest Control Plymouth Wasps
Pest Control Plymouth Fleas
Pest Control Plymouth Moths
Pest Control Plymouth Woodworm
Common Rodents & Vermin
Pest Control Plymouth Mice
Pest Control Plymouth Moles
Pest Control Plymouth Pigeons
Pest Control Plymouth Rats
Pest Control Plymouth Squirrels
Pest Control Plymouth Cockroaches
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Contact our friendly team here at Pronto Pest Control for more information about any of the services we provide. Our experience in the pest control industry has allowed us to perfect our trade using only the best and most humane methods to help you with your pest problems. Simply contact our team today on
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Our team provide their pest control services for clients across a variety of areas including: Plymouth, Launceston, Padstow, Newquay, Bodmin, Truro and a whole host of other areas. For more information of other areas that we work at what is involved in our pest control services, please get in touch with our team today.


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